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Investment opportunities for selected real properties in Germany

With LLB Semper Real Germany, institutional investors invest in selected commercial properties in Germany as a particularly stable and economically prosperous real estate location.

Based on the proven LLB Semper Real Estate concept and supported by high demand from institutional investors in Germany and Austria, the open-end real estate fund LLB Semper Real Germany was launched in July 2017. Its innovative concept and client-oriented reporting are primarily geared to the particularly demanding needs of institutional investors such as banks, savings banks, and pension insurance funds.

In this fund, the fund management invests exclusively in the German real estate market – a stable environment with a positive economic outlook.The investment focus of this retail fund for institutional investors is on commercial-use real estate such as offices and retail, with residential and hotel properties complementing the broad range of investments with a view to minimising risk. Distinguishing itself deliberately from LLB Semper Real Estate, the fund invests in smaller properties and thus ensures above-average portfolio diversification.